how to plan a trip to greece

How To Plan A Trip To Greece

How To Plan A Trip To Greece

How To Plan A Trip To Greece How To Plan A Trip To Greece, Greece is still one of the oldest and most popular tourist spots in the world, so going there should be a pure joy, if not a reason to celebrate. There is no doubt, though, that the stories and pictures coming out of Greece have been upsetting and still are as this guide goes to print. Everything about Greece seems to be in a mess, including its government, society, economy, and finances.

Most museums and archaeological sites are still open, though they often have shorter hours (and even days of closure). If Greece’s economic problems don’t get better, some stores, restaurants, and hotels might change their hours or even close down. How To Plan A Trip To Greece We can recommend a lot of different places to stay, eat, and shop to make sure your trip goes well. Assuming that Greece does make the necessary changes by the time you read this book, we think that most tourists will be able to travel without too many problems.

Even though it has always been smart to plan for a trip, Greece’s financial crisis, which has been going on since 2009, adds another level of caution: Especially the prices of places to stay and the times you can get into museums and old buildings have been more unpredictable than usual. We have tried to make up for these changes, but we are not psychics (so to speak).

Your time in Greece will be easier, more comfortable, and more fun if you plan, but this is true for any place. This guide has a lot of information to help you plan, like how to get there, where to stay, and fast, local sources.

We can’t say this enough: if you want to go to Greece during the high season (July through September, and even from the middle of September to the end of September), you should book your hotel rooms, plane tickets, and even tickets to important cultural events, as soon as possible.

Moving—Light coats and sweaters should be enough for cloudy days or cool evenings, since most tourists go to Greece between May and September, unless, of course, you plan to spend time in the mountains. Almost all places, except very high-end hotels and resorts, let you wear casual clothes.

But Greeks still don’t feel comfortable wearing beach clothes or clothes that are too casual in towns and cities. When going into monasteries and cathedrals, it is also common for women to cover their upper arms and legs. How To Plan A Trip To Greece Some monks and monks are meaner than others, and if they think the men aren’t dressed right, they might scold the bartenders as well as the women.

Anyone who knows anything about Greece should know that this country with such a long and rich history is full of surprises and treasures that date back thousands of years. How To Plan A Trip To Greece  It invites you to learn about the ancient culture that paved the way for democracy while also letting you slip into a state of relaxation and adventure.

Greece is without a doubt the best place to go on your next family vacation. It will satisfy both your small and big needs. Greece is without a doubt the best place to start sharing with your family a learning environment that will improve your mind for the rest of your life or improve your senses while surrounded by stunningly beautiful faces.

How To Plan A Trip To Greece: Greece is known as a safe place in terms of cleanliness and crime. How To Plan A Trip To Greece  It is also cheaper than most other European countries, and most importantly, it guarantees that you will spend your days in the warm Mediterranean sun under a clear blue sky.


We’re here to speak the language of the locals and make sure that you and your kids breathe in and out our Greek heavenly beings, as any family should if they want a good vacation. Now, family trips are always a puzzle when it’s time to figure out the what and where because you have to be sure of every little detail before jumping on a plane with two or three little devils who want to live in the myth.

Almost every airport in the world makes it easy to get to the Athens International Airport. The Eleftherios Venizelos Terminal has a wide range of services, such as restaurants, coffee shops, gift shops, pharmacies, beauty salons, newsstands, car rental agencies, fashion, electronics, and gift shops. How To Plan A Trip To Greece  Landing here will also make it easy for you to get to the center of Athens, whether you want to take public or private transportation.

Even though we know that most people can’t resist going back to this beautiful country that they just can’t get enough of, keep in mind that the most important part of your idea of a good vacation is choosing which places to visit.

With Athens as your base, you can start by seeing all that Greece’s fascinating capital has to offer in terms of archaeology, food, and culture. This one has been to Greece at least seven times.

Second, if you do it this way, you can take exciting day trips to great places near Athens and the Eastern Mediterranean. Then, you can add one or two Greek archipelagos to your special tour by taking a quick ferry from Central Port or a plane to the colorful heaven that is waiting for you in a short time!

The Parthenon, Sonia, the Sanctuary of Poseidon, the Temple of Delphi, the monuments of Epidaurus, and the islands of Crete and Naxos are some of the best suggestions for interesting things to add to a fun itinerary.

Everyone knows that the best time to visit a Greek country is in the summer when the weather is nice and the sun is out, making for beautiful scenes that are perfect for postcards and photos of happy families.

Because of this, a lot of people choose to visit Greece in July and August, when there are a lot of tourists and long lines. This, plus the summer heat, can make your trip scary and even tiring, especially if you aren’t used to walking around when the temperature is above 37 degrees Celsius.

So, if you want to see the beautiful Greek sky and avoid uncomfortable temperatures, the best times to visit the Acropolis are from mid-April to mid-June and from early September to October 1973.

During these months, you can walk around in t-shirts and summer shoes and spend time at the beautiful Greek beaches without worrying about your kids getting sunburned while they happily lose track of time building beautiful golden sandcastles.

There are a lot of ways to travel these days, including airlines, hotels, and tours. How To Plan A Trip To Greece If you’re lucky, you might find last-minute family flight tickets, group tour spots, and family rooms and suites in a few Greek towns.

How To Plan A Trip To Greece

But if you plan your trip far in advance, you can save a lot of money. This is because many airlines offer discounts for bookings made months in advance, so you can fly for less than half the price of last-minute purchases. The same is true for renting a place to stay.

In some cases, you need to make reservations as far ahead of time as possible! Regular half-day tours of archaeological sites may be easy to find, but if you want a special, themed, or custom-made trip made just for you and your support over the years.

keep in mind that these tours not only take more time to plan, but they also have a limited number of guides and spots. Because of this, you should book your own before everyone else. All you have to do is choose the memories you want to use to make your keepsakes.

Also, if you’re going to Greece from somewhere else, you’ll almost certainly need a visa. Make sure you have all the paperwork you need and give yourself enough time to wait patiently until you get permission to travel.

You wouldn’t want to miss your trip because you misjudged how long it takes to do administrative work. Be organised and ready! Greece will stay the same for you.

Which Season Is Ideal for a Trip to Greece?

How To Plan A Trip To Greece, Everyone’s first thought when considering a trip to Greece is a relaxing vacation on a picture-perfect beach. The country is instantly associated with seascapes, glorious beaches, and turquoise seas because it is home to some of Europe’s most stunning beaches.


But not everyone is aware that summers in Greece can be unbearably hot and humid, and that spring or even autumn may be better times to visit.


True, many islands come to mind when one thinks of Greece, but many people mistakenly believe that only a select few, like Crete, Santorini, and Mykonos, are actually worth visiting. Of course, the Greek Islands represent only a small part of Greece.


The mainland of Greece is home to many different cities, villages, and landscapes, the majority of which are mountainous and thus make it an excellent winter vacation spot and a great place to try out winter sports like skiing and snowboarding.

A Week In Greece

If you have a week to spare in Greece, you’ll have a lot more flexibility. Whether you land in Athens or Thessonali, you shouldn’t waste time getting to know the area. You can see a lot and get your bearings in Greece in just two or three days in either city.


When that happens, a trip to the Greek islands is a must. Choose islands where you can extend your stay by making multiple trips to see as much as possible in a week. To avoid missing out on the beaches and Greek cuisine because you were too busy packing. If I were to choose, I would visit no more than two islands.

Greece’s Transportation

How To Plan A Trip To Greece Transport around the nation varies and can occasionally be either pathetically inadequate or incredibly good. Private drivers do exist, albeit they are not as widespread or as reasonably priced as in some other nations. The ferry network is perhaps the largest and most effective in the world, but the train and bus networks are not as advanced or effective as those in, for example, France or Italy.


It helps to have the contact information of a dependable taxi driver because, like in many other cities, Athens’ taxi drivers can be hit-and-miss. We use and recommend these drivers for private transfers, and if you book through this link and use the promo code “GTS,” you’ll save an additional 10%! That is only a couple of euros more than a cab.


You can find donkeys accessible for riding in various locations, including Santorini. We strongly advise you to find out more about that as well as the other island transportation options.


We prefer Aegean/Olympic to travel between locations because it is frequently faster and less expensive than taking a ferry, though sometimes Sky Express or even Ryanair would be a better option. How To Plan A Trip To Greece Ferries, railroads, and aeroplane schedules are frequently not made public until a few months in advance.

The Best Ways To Navigate The Greek Islands

Nothing is more enchanted, romantic, or thrilling than boarding a Greek ferry and sailing the seas to discover Greece’s distinctive beaches. Although the majority of us close our eyes and imagine the beautiful scenes of Santorini’s white buildings, there are so many other Greek islands to select from that it can be difficult to know where to begin when making travel plans.

You must first be aware of the division of the islands into various groupings. Additionally, while many islands in the Greek archipelago are visited by visitors who bounce from one to the next, other equally beautiful islands are virtually unknown and make for wonderful getaways for people seeking less congested locations.

Shopping in Greece


We have the answers you’re looking for if you’re considering a trip to Greece and want to know what mementos to pack!


Collecting mementos is always enjoyable. Several products on this list are symbolic of Greece and would make wonderful presents for someone who appreciates Greece. The good news is that Greece has a rich cultural heritage and regional peculiarities.


The Finest Times To Visit Greece


Extreme heat and hectic schedules persist through late September. The islands are still active and the water is at its hottest.


In many islands, the season comes to a close in October, with many seasonal businesses, such as restaurants and bars, closing permanently at the end of the month. You may or may not need a light jacket in the evenings in October, but you may still enjoy the sunshine during the day.


Travelling to Greece between the months of November and March will save you the most money. Warning, though; many eateries and hotels will be shutting down, and ferry service will be restricted. Some of the islands have chilly climates, however on Santorini you may escape the crowds while still experiencing the island’s famous beauty.


It’s not too late to plan a trip to Greece that will leave you in amazement and not drain your financial account if you go between May and September. Before July and August, when the weather is hot and the tourist crowds are thick, is the best time to visit Greece.


Of course, July and August are peak seasons in Greece, when costs for lodging soar and crowds become overwhelming. If you’re considering a trip to Greece and would want to escape the crowds, you should try to schedule your visit outside of the peak season (June through August) and consider visiting one of the less popular islands instead, like Sifnos or Delos.


Greece is one of the most magnificent nations in Europe, and the process of planning a vacation there is one of the most thrilling parts of travelling abroad. Travelling around Greece, you’ll encounter some of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet, all of whom are justifiably proud of their stunning country. Food-wise, it’s out of this world, and don’t limit yourself to the popular tourist spots of Santorini and Mykonos; the rest of Greece is just as amazing.


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